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His memory was publicly honoured at the BC Book Prizes ceremony in Du kanske gillar. In the Shadow of the Vulture av George Ryga.

Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock

Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Set in the desert on either side of the Mexico-U.

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The sinister shadow of the vulture falls over every character in Ryga's story--Ramon, the flesh-merchant; Juan, the bandito; Anastasio, the defrocked priest; Sandy, the tormented Vietnam vet; Antonia, the "puta" who can survive anything; Stretch, the neo-nazi chicken farmer. In a society as barren and relentless as the desert itself, all of them struggle for survival. Some of them make it. This is a novel that is not afraid to explore the depths of human despair, hope, and rage.

The two begin to build a world for themselves. They also fight.

In the Shadow of the Vulture

Taking place over six episodes, The Shadows is charming, occasionally funny, and uncannily believable. The podcast presents these characters on their own terms, warts and all, and though it is ultimately a piece of fiction, Prest appears to be swinging hard for a simulacrum of reality. This is how people sound when they speak to each other late at night.

This is how someone messes up a relationship. This is how it sounds when people have sex.

The Shadows is packed with moments that feel a little too close to life — for some people of a certain generation and class, anyway — and, as such, delivers several instances where the shock of recognition feels like a jolt of embarrassment. It was probably unwise for me to listen to this at the gym. As a veteran audio producer, Prest has a gift for creating and performing intense intimacy.

Stolen Child

This talent was plenty evident through the run of The Heart formerly known as Audio Smut , the narrative documentary podcast she published under the Radiotopia banner. That show, now retired, traded in stories about deeply private things: sex, feelings, bodies, inner lives. They often felt preternaturally quiet, an atmosphere that made the narratives feel more like secrets than stories. It was dreadfully effective.

Red Sonya - The Shadow of the Vulture

The Shadows carries over that DNA, in aesthetic and in substance. The narrative is keen on switching perspectives, and playing around with time.

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Scenes are revisited, from different angles and at different starting places, often producing some satisfying Rashomon -style payoffs. However, its playfulness can get a little too cute at points.

The performances are naturalistic in a mumblecore-ish sort of way, and generally very good, particularly the two leads. Fictional Kaitlin Prest is vibrant and free-spirited in the way that those tortured by existential dread are vibrant and free-spirited — which is to say, she chases dragons and runs from ghosts. Then again, The Shadows is also described to be partially autobiographical.