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The most common topics are the war with the monarchist White Army , Chapayev's futile attempts to enroll into the Frunze Military Academy , and the circumstances of Chapayev's death officially, he was gunned down by the Whites and drowned while attempting to flee across the Ural River after a lost battle. Being well known in Russian popular culture, Chapayev, Petka, and Anka were featured in a series of Russian adventure games released in the late s and s. A number of jokes involve characters from the famous short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about the private detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Doctor Watson.

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Watson film series was broadcast on Soviet TV in the late s to mids. In all these movies, the characters were brilliantly played by the same actors — Vasily Livanov as Sherlock Holmes and Vitaly Solomin as Watson. The narrator of such a joke usually tries to mimic the unique husky voice of Vasily Livanov. Occasionally the jokes also include other characters — Mrs Hudson , the landlady of Holmes's residence on Baker Street; or Sir Henry and his butler Barrymore from The Hound of the Baskervilles ; or the detective's nemesis Professor Moriarty.

The preceding joke won second place in the World's funniest joke contest. His arch enemy is Inspector Juve, charged with catching him. A common theme is the interaction of a New Russian in his archetypal shiny black Mercedes S , arguing with a regular Russian in his modest Soviet-era Zaporozhets after their vehicles collide.

The New Russian is often a violent criminal or at least speaks criminal argot , with a number of neologisms or common words with skewed meaning typical among New Russians. In a way, these anecdotes are a continuation of the Soviet-era series about Georgians , who were then depicted as extremely wealthy.

The physical stereotype of the New Russians is often that of overweight men with short haircuts, dressed in thick gold chains and crimson jackets, with their fingers in the horns gesture , cruising around in the " Merc" and showing off their wealth. Jokes about expensive foreign sports cars can be compared to German Manta jokes.

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Jokes set in the animal kingdom also feature characters, which draw their roots in the old Slavic fairy tales, where animals are portrayed as sapient beings with a stereotypical behavior, such as the violent Wolf; the sneaky Fox; the cocky, cowardly Hare; the strong, simple-minded Bear; the multi-dimensional Hedgehog; and the Lion, king of the animal kingdom.

In the Russian language all objects, animate and inanimate, have a grammatical gender — masculine, feminine, or neuter. Animal jokes are often fables , i. Aside from mammals, a rather common non-human is the "Golden Fish", who asks the catcher to release her in exchange for three wishes. In jokes, the Fisherman may be replaced by a representative of a nationality or ethnicity, and the third wish usually makes the punch line of the joke.

A similar type of joke involves a wish-granting Genie , the main difference being that in the case of the Golden Fish the Fisherman suffers from his own stupidity or greed, while the Genie is known for ingeniously twisting an interpretation of the wish to frustrate the grantee. These often revolve around the supposition that the vast majority of Russian and Soviet militsioners policemen, now called politzia accept bribes.

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Also, they are not considered to be very bright. Imperial Russia had been multi-ethnic for many centuries, and this situation continued throughout the Soviet period, and continues still. Throughout history, several ethnic stereotypes have developed, often in common with those views by other ethnicities usually except for the ethnicity in question, but not always. Chukchi , the native people of Chukotka , the most remote northeast corner of Russia, are a common minority targeted for generic ethnic jokes in Russia. Often a straight man of the Chukcha in the jokes is a Russian geologist. Ukrainians are depicted as rustic, stingy, and inordinately fond of salted salo pork back fat ; their accent, which is imitated in jokes, is perceived as funny.

Ukrainians are perceived to bear a grudge against Russians derided as Moskali by Ukrainians :. Georgians are almost always depicted as stupid, greedy, hot-blooded, or sexually addicted, and in some cases, all four at the same time.

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A very loud and theatrical Georgian accent, including grammatical errors considered typical of Georgians, and occasional Georgian words are considered funny to imitate in Russian and often becomes a joke in itself. In some jokes, Georgians are portrayed as rich, because in Soviet times they were also perceived as profiting immensely from black market businesses.

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In Russia itself, most people see "persons of Caucasian ethnicity" mostly at marketplaces selling fruits and flowers. In recent years, many old jokes about rich Georgians are being recast in terms of " New Russians ".

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Estonians and Finns are depicted as having no sense of humor and being stubborn, taciturn, and especially slow. The Estonian accent, especially its sing-song tune and the lack of genders in grammar, forms part of the humor. Their common usage of long vowels and consonants both in speech and orthography e. In the everyday life, a person may be derisively called a "hot-headed Estonian fellow" or in similar spirit, a "hot-tempered Finnish bloke", a phrase popularized by the Russian comedy Peculiarities of the National Hunt to emphasize tardiness or lack of temperament.

Indeed, Estonians play a similar role in Soviet humor to that of Finns in Scandinavian jokes. Finnish political scientist Ilmari Susiluoto , also an author of three books on Russian humor, writes that Finns and Russians understand each other's humor. These nations are too boring and unvaried to rise into the consciousness of a large country.

But the funny and slightly silly, stubborn Finns, the Chukhnas do. Jewish humor is a highly developed subset of Russian humor, largely based on the Russian Jews ' self-image. The Jewish self-deprecating anecdotes are not the same as anti-Semitic jokes. As some Jews say themselves, Jewish jokes are being made by either anti-Semites or the Jews themselves.

Instead, whether told by Jews or non-Jewish Russians, these jokes show cynicism, self-irony , and wit that is characteristic of Jewish humor both in Russia and elsewhere in the world see Jewish humor. The jokes are usually told with a characteristic Jewish accent stretching out syllables, parodying the uvular trill of "R", etc.

To Russians, it is sufficient to begin a joke with: "So, an Odessan woman gets on the bus During the Arab—Israeli War sympathies of the ordinary Soviet people were on the side of the Israel despite Egypt under Nasser being officially a Soviet ally, " on the Socialist path of development ":. This joke is in part based on the common stereotype about Jews : to answer a question with a question. Properly seal the deal about money and other possessions by introducing this book. I Got Bank! His granddad taught him to save his allowance and set up a bank account.

Dimes can teach your child the habits that will allow them to have a more financially secure and fulfilling life. Those Shoes by Noah Jones Jeremy wants a pair of the shoes everyone at school is wearing. Read how Jeremy and his grandma navigate through this dilemma. Money for Puppy by D. Madson This is an excellent book about saving money for something you want. They create a bar graph to track the rise and fall of their lemonade sales. They need new ones, but they have no money. Children will learning to count money and make change. Can Arthur still prove he is responsible?

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They will also learn basic money symbols and the math inherent in shopping. Children will learn simple business concepts by reading this story. It also contains powerful lessons of discipline, sacrifice and responsibility. Children journey with the cubs on their process to understand the value of a dollar. Williams After their home is destroyed by a fire, Rosa, her mother, and grandmother save their coins to buy a really comfortable chair for all to enjoy.

But there is a catch! They show how they are able to overcome with each other. It also teaches kids the difference between needs and wants and getting the most from an allowance. She decides to earn her own money. Will she earn enough to buy the ball? Read this book to find out! Kyle needs to find buyers for ten boxes of candy.

Can he keep track of his cash and join his friends on the camping trip? Rae draws on her determination and everyone else in her community when she learns what it means to be an entrepreneur. The quizzes, tips, and helpful quotes from other girls will make learning about money management easy and fun.

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And why? What does money have to do with writing? And how do taxes and interest work?