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Fifteen years later, after reading copious biographies of my great uncle, I knew that I wanted to write my book, Lara, about Olga and Boris's love affair. M y research took me to Moscow, to meet Boris's son, Evgeny, then 87 and to Peredelkino, the writer's colony outside Moscow where Boris wrote his novel, to speak with his daughter-in-law, Natasha.

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I travelled to Stanford University, California, where Josephine bequeathed her archives and to Milan, to the Feltrinelli Foundation, where I touched the original Zhivago manuscript that had been smuggled out of Russia for the Italian publisher, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, who bought world rights. W hen it became clear that the Russians would never publish Zhivago, due to the anti-revolutionary stance of the book, Boris risked death under Stalin by sanctioning publication abroad.

Feltrinelli's son, Carlo, who discussed his father's meetings with Olga with me, agreed with my thesis; that Olga is the unsung heroine behind the publication of the novel. This is controversial as the role of Olga in Boris's life has been consistently repressed both by the Pasternak family and Boris's biographers. Olga has been belittled and dismissed as an "adventurous" and "temptress. It is true that when Boris started writing the novel, he had not yet met Olga.


Lara's teenage trauma of being seduced by the much older Victor Komarovsky is a direct echo of Zinaida's experiences with her sexually predatory cousin. However, as soon as Boris met and fell in love with Olga in , his Lara changed and softened, to completely embody her. M y family downplayed the role of Olga in Boris's life because they held him in such high esteem that for him to have had two wives - Evgenia and Zinaida - and a public mistress, was indigestible to their strict moral code. They were loyal to Boris's second wife, Zinaida, to whom he remained married throughout his affair.

Boris had two sons; one from his first wife, Evgenia, and one with Zinaida. I t took me five years to persuade Olga's daughter, Irina, to meet me. Irina is immortalised as Katenka, Lara's daughter in the novel. She was eight when her mother met Boris and her teenage years were dominated by their affair.

I was finally to meet her in Paris, where she has lived for thirty years. It was a precious moment when she showed me a translation of Goethe's Faust that Boris had given her.

He’s related to both Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II.

She proudly read the final inscription to me: "Almost like a father, Your BP. Olga paid an enormous price for loving "her Boria" as she also became a pawn in a highly political game. Display Options. In other languages Add links.

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God Sees the Truth, but Waits. How a Muzhik Fed Two Officials. The Shades, a Phantasy. According to the AST publishing house survey, it was the best sold comic book in Russia in Alexander's stories have been read by some of Russia's leading actors, including Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Konstantin Khabenskiy, and Anna Mikhalkova. It was in the framework of the festival that stories of the author from St. Petesrburg were first heard in a foreign language. During one week the video garnered 1 million hits on Facebook and has now over 5 million views.

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An audio-book released that month and voiced by Danila Kozlovsky, Pavel Derevianko and many other film actors and TV anchors as well as the author himself became a bestseller in Russia in just two weeks. Recently, Alexander co-wrote a short film that is part of a feature 'About Love.

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Adult edition' by Anna Melikyan, which premiered this fall. Tsypkin has also, along with Ksenia Rappoport, directed a short film 'Goodbye, my lover!