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A test in October revealed an infection and apparent kidney failure and the zoo immediately started aggressive treatment.

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Bibi and Fiona will be fine as a bloat of two, zookeepers said. But they will notice that he's not around and may wonder why he isn't making his contact calls.

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Primary threats are poaching for their ivory tusks and meat and loss of habitat as more water is diverted for agriculture. The species is considered vulnerable. Fiona the hippo gets front-row seat to Cincinnati couple's engagement. Breaking wind: Video shows diva Fiona tooting while swimming.

Henry The Hippo, Father Of Famous Hippo Fiona, Dies At 36

Fiona's relationship with her dad? It's complicated.

When caretakers first noticed his illness, they isolated him from Fiona and Bibi because they were worried that he might be contagious. When tests came back negative for bad bacteria and viruses, zoo staff brought the trio back together.

Henry the hippo, dad of baby Fiona, dies after battling illness

Henry started to get better, but at the end of September began going downhill again, Rice wrote. In mid-October, zoo doctors anesthetized Henry for a full checkup and a transfer of some of Bibi's healthy digestive system bacteria into Henry's stomach.

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  4. But Henry's white blood cell count soon after showed he was fighting a serious infection and his kidneys appeared to be shutting down. This Account will be locked after one more invalid login. This Account is currently locked. Please try again later. No matching email address was found.

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    • Heartbreaking scenes as iconic Henry the Hippo dies at Dublin Zoo.
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