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Sutro Baths was built by a Comstock mine millionaire one Adolph Sutro and was the world's largest indoor swimming complex when it opened in to much acclaim. It featured seven swimming pools, a museum, restaurants, and seating for literally thousands, rivaling anything that exists today, and was a popular destination for many until it burned to the ground in The author often visited them as a child to ice skate in the former bathhouse, and one purpose of producing this book as an adult was to more closely examine the engineering behind their production.

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Another purpose was for it to serve as a 'field guide' to the ruins that remain today, offering visitors an opportunity to visualize the past, understand the Baths' development, and connect today's visual relics with yesterday's dreams and realities. Magazines, newspapers, and archived reports of the time serve as a foundation for re-creating this history both visually and in a lively accompanying text.

About the baths, my plans are in embryo. Let us first finish the aquarium. The result is a lively, engrossing read especially recommended for avid fans of San Francisco history and culture. First on the list is a surprise: some chapels will stream weddings onto the Internet so that a wide circle of friends and family can 'attend' without actually being present. Online wedding resources have expanded vastly since Bobette Kyle first discovered this possibility during her own elopement years ago: her focus on learning about these options resulted in this book, which explores all the latest technology available for budget-minded brides.

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These examples come from high-profile cases and serve as strong illustrations of what can happen and how to prevent it. It offers many specific examples ranging from understanding privacy setting options on Facebook i. Margo Strupeck's own experiences managing her internet life and identity pepper accounts of others with reflections on consequences, social identity, and how to take regular breaks from online life to preserve a sense of peace by going off the grid.

Teens are advised to step away from smart technologies to preserve their identities and are provided tools for achieving these goals. The result is a clear, specific set of guidelines all ages can use to identify and avoid common problems associated with computers and social networking systems: a 'must' for any computer user, whether novice or pro. Seven Deadly Clicks Return to Index. Where too many view retirement as a conclusion to life, Dr.

Steiner points out that it's actually a pivot point to new beginnings - and his book is designed to show new and forthcoming retirees exactly what these new beginnings can look like. Dedicated to the Boomer Generation, the biggest generation of retirees in American history, this book is the 'go to' place for any who haven't solidified their personal picture of retirement.

First of all, chapters offer profound psychological insights into why retirees often don't move smoothly into retirement: " Retirement to some is symbolic of our aging selves, of our powerlessness to stop the hands of time; the ending of our life at work. Secondly, chapters focus as much on what retirement 'is' as what it 'is not'.

The most important chapter of all comes packed with admonishments to branch out and let life in: to "Do Something Simple and New Every Day—read a book, contemplate the universe, or climb a mountain. Chapters also address common issues of retirees as they learn new ways to manage and spend money, and live on fixed incomes.

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Retirement is an end goal that many perhaps even most of us strive towards. These explanations are contained in chapters that mirror the legal process from the initial location of the right lawyer to exactly what happens at every step of the divorce process. Understand: the information here is not to be considered as legal advice; nor is it intended to replace a lawyer's counsel.

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What it does intend to do and achieves quite well is educate legal consumers about the process of divorce and court and lawyer actions, offering both insights and clear discussions of choices and decisions along the way. Readers are encouraged to use this understanding to ask the right questions of their lawyers. While one might think this information must be readily available online, there are many emotional tips throughout the process that simply can't be located in legal paperwork, and which are explored here: " If you tell your spouse what you are thinking, what you are worried about, or what you want, your spouse will likely share that with his or her lawyer, and that lawyer will use what you have said to manipulate you.

Much of this boils down to assets and children; other factors include emotional connections and reactions which may provide self-defeating to one side or the other. There are also candid assessments of which options aren't recommended, and why, as in the example of a new "collaborative law" process designed to simplify and streamline a divorce without the need for a lawyer, but which actually doesn't work well in cases where there are significant assets involved.

These accompany chapters that take a step-by-step approach in outlining the divorce process in Georgia. Georgia Divorce Handbook Return to Index. Nils lives in a cave-house and he won't let Anna fully into his world; so Anna and her friends decide to investigate what he's hiding … with surprising results. The last thing Anna anticipates is fantasy come to life, but her "… mission as a writer sic is to remember and to note and sketch as much as possible " leads to observations and conclusions that cannot be ignored.

And as she makes sketches and notes to fill out her book, she slowly comes to realize how fantasy and her daily world are blending in unusual and dangerous ways. At times Anna is surrounded by this sense of place and at other times she's immersed in her past, where she was once a children's teacher in England who dreamed of a writing career. Inheriting her parent's apartment when they died in the space of a year brought her into this strange new world of Mallorca, ripe with possibilities: "… the minute she stepped outside the plane in Palma airport, the warm scented air whispered enticingly.

It spoke of tomorrows as yet unimagined, a blank page waiting to be written.

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The ratchets of the wheel of fate cranked soundlessly as she stepped down onto the tarmac. As Anna's creations of the dragon, a cave, and a Wicked Queen come to life in her own world, she discovers that the boundaries she's carefully trusted to keep fantasy and reality separate are beginning to dissolve. And as she sleeps, the story comes to life in her head and heart: " From the castles highest tower, the Wicked Queen surveyed the land by starlight. All she could see was hers, now she was married to the King. Because of an ancient curse, the whole realm was covered, day and night, by the Star-Spangled Indigo Sky.

The sky was beautiful but all the people wished the stars would go out and let them see the sun again.

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Currents of morning air carried an aroma of freshly ground coffee across the pages of the Sunday paper he had placed beside Anna. Another strength: its ability to show how ghosts from disparate pasts rise to affect present-day relationships. As Anna comes to understand the confused tangle of past relationships that Nils finds burdensome, she also comes to realize that the real dragons of her story lie not within the pages of a children's book, but alive and too vivid in her own world.

And as Anna and Nils come to understand each other's very different worlds, they venture together into new territory that will either join or break their newfound relationship. It could also be described as murder mystery - but that would be putting too much emphasis on death and not enough upon the blossoming of atmosphere and relationship that is central to the story line. There's a surprise ending that reveals the real purpose of the Dragon overseeing both their lives; but the meat of the story lies in its ability to trace intersecting cycles of life and subconscious and unconscious influences on its progression.

Here Be Dragons Return to Index. Joe Rafferty and sidekick Sergeant Dafyd Llewellyn to become an absorbing and fun piece in a fine detective saga. Jaws had many debtors, but all of them are mysteriously silent about the affair. This suspicious silence on the part of debtors who surely had more than a few problems with Jaws causes Rafferty and Llewellyn to embark on the investigation of a lifetime as they probe too many motivations, too much silence, and the life and actions of Jaws.

Rafferty's week is trying enough: he's simultaneously struggling with his upcoming wedding and its pressures, combined with a supervisor who wants him to resolve a series of muggings. What he needs is an open-and-shut case, not the complexity that Jaws' murder brings to the table. What he gets is anything but quick and easy as his interviews provide few keys and too many puzzles and quickly become spiced with the lives of low-income residents with too much to lose and too many reasons for murder: " Rafferty knew how low Incapacity Benefit and JSA payments were.

They would meet only a few of the household bills.

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Robbing Peter to pay Paul must be a daily event. Had they also robbed John Jaws Harrison in order to pay the rest? Each interview with a possible suspect reveals an aspect of British society and lower-class concerns that adds to a believable setting and plot.

Another is its lovely use of descriptive phrases to bring to life the ambiance of the area and its residents: " Harry Jones gave a quicksilver nod. And when Rafferty finds the borrowing trend hits too close to home, he becomes even more motivated to find the killer and resolve what is rapidly becoming an impossible even personal mission.