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She acquiesced but then vomited afterwards. But she witnessed plenty of similar behaviour. I looked away a lot. This is a woman, after all, who was delivered on Christmas Day by a doctor who happened also to be moonlighting at Auschwitz. I wonder, too, whether the put-upon actors ever offered one another support or solidarity.

Never in front of him.

She fled the lab eventually. He even suggested putting her under a lifetime contract. Eventually they were reconciled in for The Marriage of Maria Braun , arguably their fiercest film together, and certainly their biggest commercial success. If you go too far, there is no way to turn back. Their relationship took another knock after Schygulla discovered that Fassbinder had personally intervened to ensure she was paid less than her male co-star on his wartime melodrama Lili Marleen.

Janine Ashbless: March

And then all that cocaine, all those pills. He was deaf to danger. She made it back to Germany for his funeral.

But the coffin was empty. They were still trying to determine the exact cause of death. I have my corner in my apartment where I keep the portraits of those who belonged to me. He is there. Meanwhile Dorothea had sat down on a chair. As I don't want to be too harsh for your still sore bottom, I shall spank you with my hare hand, like a baby.

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What a terrible humiliation for an eighteen-year-old girl to find herself thus all naked across the knees of her governess and to present her behind to her! Dorothea understood perfectly her slave's feelings, for site talked to her while slapping violently her buttocks with the palm of her right hand. Take this, and that, and that, you bad naughty girl! Do you feel my spanking? Aren't you ashamed to be spanked as if you were four years 34 old? I know how to tame you, d'you hear me?

You shall become a thing without a will of her own and without any pride at all. This is the way to treat bad girls like you, modern girls who believe themselves infallible, this is the way - by spanking their bottoms! And, as she talked, she smacked vigorously the naked behind. The noise was characteristic and echoed in the room. It was more humiliating than really painful, although, little by little, all the pain of the day before was reawakened by the violent slaps. At last the governess stopped and placed her pupil on her knees before her and gave her her perfumed white hand to kiss.

And thank me for this punishment; I hope it will be profitable and that thanks to my energetic care you will soon become the good and docile girl I want you to be. Bridget will give a hand and from now on she will wash and clothe you every morning.

Every day at half past eight you will come to my room to wish me good morning and you will show me if all your clothes are in order. Bridget, is Mabel's bath ready? Follow me, Mabel! Mabel wanted 1o obey but she screamed: the water was much too hot and she had burned her foot with it. But Dorothea lashed her shoulders with two strokes of the horsewhip. I demand that your baths be like this always, for hot water melts down rebellious minds.

You will have to get used to it! She was very sensitive and her delicate skin was hurt with this harsh treatment. Then you will dress her up in the clothes I shall indicate and you will send her 1o me at eight thirty so that I can see the result. Stand up now I Rub your stomach! Come on, lower, don't be afraid to rub: your sex and behind must be kept scrupulously clean and I'll see to it, you can depend on it, than that!

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Put some soap on a finger and drive it in deeply! That's an order! Bight, that's good! The thighs now, and the legs All right, that will do, make a dip into the water She realized that she could not resist and that even her most intimate gestures were now controlled by that terrible disciplinarian Dorothea.

After the girl had dried herself in towels, her mistress ordered her to lie on a couch which was in the bathroom. So she was tied on to the couch with cowls and the operation was resumed. I see you are depilated perfectly under the arms but there is some more hair I want to remove. Also, since I intend giving you the discipline of tight drawers, the material of the panties will cling all the better to your intimate flesh if the unwanted hair is removed.

The bitter tears of Fassbinder's women

What did the governess mean, with her talk of tight drawers and depilatum? The poor girl was not going to be left in ignorance very long, for already Dorothea was coming back with scissors and depilating tongs, as well as a small shearer. She sat down on a chair by the patient and then proceeded patiently and carefully to shear the hair between the girl's logs.

Mabel felt outraged in her womanly dignity. Helpless, tied down on to the couch, there was nothing she could do and she was really at the mercy of the governess. Miss von Berner's agile fingers came and went on her intimate flesh, palpitating and tapping it as she pleased. First, she used the scissors then the depilating tongs to tear off hair - which was very painful -- then the shearer finished off the work.

It seemed to Mabel as if she was being mutilated or raped. The work lasted more than an hour. At last the governess stood up with a satisfied smile. Every week you will be sheared so that you should never have a hair on your femininity. The sight of her flesh all bare, soft and velvety like a seashell made Mabel whine with despair. She was so prowl of her silky blond down! It seemed as if she had gone back to infancy and as if her dignity of woman had vanished for ever.

Sit down in front of the dressing-table and don't move, or else, the whip! She lengthened Mabel's eyebrows, dabbed some black on her eyelids, gave a glisten to the eyelashes, then she puffed rouge on her cheeks, lipstick on her lips and placed two artificial beauty-spots on her face, one at the corner of the eyelids and the other near the lips. Mabel had lost her aspect of well-to-do girl, but had lost nothing of her beauty. Made up thus she looked like a delightful doll or a young girl thrown too early into the commerce of love. There, Dorothea opened the locked cupboards and Mabel saw that her articles of dressing seemed to be complete and that there were even some more clothes added to them which she had not seen before.

Bridget has spent one and a half day modifying it according to my instructions. That was very kind of her, to work for a bitch like you! So, kneel down before her and kiss her feet, and thank her to have worked so hard for you! She went near the maid who was looking at her with a mocking smile and knelt down before her. Bridget had lifted up her dress a little and was pointing imperatively at her foot. Deeply blushing with shame, Mabel kissed the varnished shoe of the maid. I demand that you should address her as "Your Ladyship" and that you should talk to her in the third person.

Besides, she will have the right to order you about and to punish you as she pleases. And, to chastise you for having been insolent to her on the evening of your arrival, you will from now on become her maid. Tell her so politely and thank her! She bottled up her anger and said in a voice hardly audible: "Thank you, I am your servant. I submit to the orders of your Ladyship and I ask your Ladyship whether she condescends to take me as a maid. She showed it to her victim.

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Bearing a corset will make you stand erect, it will give you bigger buttocks and will make your breasts jut out and remain firm. I'll have you wear more and more severe corsets, until you have a fifteen-inch waistline. Who authorized you to speak? Come up here and shut up! Then Dorothea applied on her stomach the corset of discipline. The contact of the varnished leather on her bare flesh caused her a strange sensation.

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The corset was relatively short, covering only the stomach and abdomen. It was laced in the back all along and left the breasts entirely free, pushing them up which made their tips point up towards the sky. As for the rump, it was completely disengaged, for the stays stopped right at the small of the back.